10 MONTHS????????????????

OK, for serious, where has the time gone???????? My baby is 10 months and closer to a year old then not! What is that about? Good gracious! My sister, who is pregnant, commented the other day that she is 31 weeks along this week. This made me excited for her but also made me realize that my baby is almost 1 year old!!!! Incidentally, this little niece of mine (yet to be born) and Cora share the same due date (March 30) so they could VERY easily be exactly a year a part and share a birthday! Only time will tell! In any case, after I got over my shock and realizations that Cora is closer to a year than not, I decided that life is truckin’ right along and well, it’s happening. Cora is ten months old! So, what has our little lady been up to this past month? Here ya go!

1. She celebrated her first Christmas outside the womb! We had so much fun with her! She didn’t have any idea as to what was going on, but she loved all the bows and paper and she is enjoying her new toys!

2. She got her first ear infection, which then lead to the starts of bronchitis. We are just now getting from under that and well, it’s been a long month. But, she is healing and doing much better! If only we can get her to eat her veggies again…

3. She started crawling and standing almost simultaneously. She started crawling not long after Christmas and then very quickly decided that she would just rather be standing up! She is now very close to walking, I do believe! I’ll be surprised if she’s not walking come her birthday…which, was we know, is only 2 months away!

4. She and her daddy have developed a special language all their own, or so it seems! Cora has taken to clicking at her dad whenever she sees him! It’s absolutely hilarious!!! David says she’s part of the African tribe who’s language is clicking. Though comical it is so sweet the way she greets her daddy this way–she doesn’t do it to me.

5. She has started drinking from a sippy cup, little bits of water; she has gotten the hang of eating Cheerios and her other puffs and is VERY good at sharing these with the dog! We are still trying to get her to eat other foods with her fingers, but the only one we’ve had any kind of success with is bananas. Doesn’t she know birthday cake is in her future?!? 🙂

6. She is asserting her will…yeah…we are having to use the word “no” a lot and she has been given lots of flicks. She understands what “no” means, and will stop, but often will go back. So, obviously, there is some work to be done on the point that “no” means “stop what you’re doing and don’t go back!” She hasn’t thrown any major temper tantrums yet, but she definitely lets you know when she’s NOT happy!

7. She has decided that she loves music! It’s so adorable!!!! She’ll hear music (her favorites right now are the ABC song on her activity table and the shapes and colors song in this book my aunt gave her) and start bouncing up and down, clapping, smiling, and sometimes squealing! It’s so adorable, of course, and we’re happy she likes music!

8. She is about 24 lbs now and a little over 26 inches long. She’s growing, growing, growing! She has moved swiftly out of 12 month clothes and is in 18 month (something that befuddles my husband–the sizes of baby clothes!). I just LOVE to get her dressed–she’s my very own, real live baby doll–every girl’s dream! 🙂

9. Just when she’s reaching the age that nap times will start to wane she is finally getting the hang of them! Sigh…it could be an interesting next little while.

10. She HATES her car seat!!!!!! Oh, the joys! And, somehow she knows when we’re strapping her in for a long trip or just a trip to the store. What a smart little bugger she is!

Well, I think that’s Cora in a nutshell to this point! Hard to believe, like I’ve said once or twice, that she’s 10 months old!!! I’m sure I’ll be equally amazed when she’s 11 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years…It’s just life, I suppose!


4 thoughts on “10 MONTHS????????????????

  1. Happy 10 Months Cora Girl!!! That means Riley is 17 months today! Yikes – they are growing up so fast. And let's not even talk about Sophia, sheesh. She's a doll baby Jeni and we love her so much!!!!Ruthie

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