Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago today David and I got married. It was a nice day in January, no snow, almost 50 degrees! We had a short ceremony and a dessert reception and lots of fun! It really doesn’t seem like it’s been four years. Where has the time gone? Looking back over these past 4 years I see some lows and a lot of highs. We have been through a lot together already. Several family deaths, the beginning and ending of a ministry, and the birth of our daughter. We’ve learned in these 4 years how to communicate better, what not to say, and how best to encourage one another. We have learned much about ourselves as individuals and also as a couple. I love David more today then I did 4 years ago when we were standing up in the church saying our vows. I love him for who he is, for the man God is making him into, for who he is as a husband and a father. I love how his mind is constantly going, coming up with deep thoughts and his wondering at the world around him. I love how he plays with our daughter, how they dance together, read together, laugh together. I love how he knows how to make me laugh, how he knows what to say to make it all better. I love his passion for life and his zeal for the Lord. God blessed me greatly the day David came into my life. I know we have many years ahead of us, and we will always be learning how to do life together. We will change as individuals and as a couple. But, I look forward to doing life with this man and can’t imagine the love I’ll have for him 50 years from now! I love you David Hardin! Happy 4th Anniversary!!

The coming together of 2 families–the Reynolds and the Hardins
And the two became one–January 28, 2006
Akron, OH

Smooches under a tree

And then there were THREE!


5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Happy Anniversary!!! You two are so very special. Your marriage is an inspiration to others. Have a wonderful day and many blessings for this next year. Love, Aunt Cathy

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