Valentine’s Day at the Hardin’s

Ok, so at the Hardin’s home we are not oozing with creativity as they are at my sister’s home! (Ruthie, I love your creativity and am, quite frankly, just jealous! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) However, at the Hardin’s we’re not bursting with creativity. Our Valentine’s Day consisted of, well, nothing! 🙂 I made chocolate chip cookies for David (I usually make heart shaped sugar cookies but wanted to do something different this year). David preached on Sunday, we dressed up in red (mostly Cora…) and well, just spent the day together. Pretty uneventful, but we don’t mind. We just like being together. Here are some photos of our little Valentine. 🙂 She makes all holidays much more fun, afterall. I’m sure as she gets older we’ll try to be more creative! 🙂

And this is not from Valentine’s Day, but she LOVES strawberries! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day at the Hardin’s

  1. you ARE creative, just in different ways than me, which is just fine! And that Cora girl of yours – ahhh, when can I hug and kiss her??? Riley just about flips out every time he sees her picture and just starts babbling and pointing. Mom swears he said "Cor" yesterday. I was not present to witness or confirm. 🙂 Miss you guys!!!Ruthie

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