A Salty Wife

Do you ever want to look back on life and wish things could be as they were? Have you ever left a life you knew well, and though it wasn’t perfect, you knew it and changing it wasn’t something you wanted to do? I have been thinking a lot about Lot’s wife. You know the story. Lot and his family lived in Sodom and Gomorrah and were told to leave the city as Lot was found to be the only righteous one there. So, as seems to be the case quite often in the Bible, the husband picks up his family and moves them to a foreign land. However, Lot’s wife must not have really wanted to leave because she turns back. God had told them not to turn back, not to look back at the life they were leaving. (There were probably lots of reasons: He was destroying their home which would cause some measure of pain and sadness; maybe he didn’t want them to look on the unrighteousness any longer; or maybe he just didn’t want them to look back on the life they had had, but rather look ahead to the life God had waiting for them. Who knows?) But, what happened? If you don’t know the story, Lot’s wife did turn back and looked and as soon as she did she turned into a pillar of salt. Salt? Really? Side note: as a child it always intrigued me that God turned her into salt and not just stone. Anyone else?

Anyway, what has prompted all this? Well, as we sit day after day, week after week, month after month in Osseo, I have been tempted to say, “It really wasn’t all that bad.” I have been looking back at times wishing to just go back. I know, this is silly. Our situation was not good there. Our time of ministry was finished. But isn’t it so much easier to want to go back to what you knew rather than just sit and wait for something you don’t know? I think so. I have been struck with the thought of, “would we have been obedient if we had known this would be what it meant?” It scares me to think that we probably wouldn’t have. Or, what was already a very difficult decision would have been even more so.

In any case, I do not want to be a salty wife. I want to be a wife who looks ahead to whatever God has in store for me, us as a family. I want to look ahead with expectation and excitement and not grumble just because that life wasn’t great it was at least something familiar.

Let me encourage you to not be a “salty wife” today!


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