Hello readers! I am asking for your prayers. I know that it’s mostly family who read this blog, but I also have friends and maybe the occasional wandering blog reader, so I ask for all of your prayers!

The next several days are going to be very busy and mentally draining for my husband. He will be making his way to IN tomorrow for a Face 2 Face put on by the American Baptist Churches in the IN/KY region. It’s a time for him to meet with 8-10 different churches for short interviews. We liken it to speed-dating for pastors! 🙂 😛 In any case, it’s a long 2 days and David will be very tired when he gets home Saturday late afternoon. However, he won’t get to rest for too long as Sunday he’ll make his way to Columbus, OH for another interview with a sales company. Sales is not something he’s excited about, but at this point we can’t be picky! He’ll have another day-long interview with this company (2ND interview) to learn more about them, the company, etc. Again, it’ll be a long day, he’ll be tired. He’ll then come home Tuesday, and I guess at that point we’ll begin waiting to hear from someone!

We would ask that you please pray that something comes from 1 of these interviews. Of course David (and I!) would love for it to come from a church, but as we’ve prayed all along we want to be and do what God would have us do. Pray also for strength for David. He’s going to be wiped out!

Thank you for praying! I’ll keep you posted!


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