90 & 11 Months

Today is a special day for 2 people!

Today is Mammaw Layne’s (David’s step-grandma) 90th Birthday! WOW!!! Can you even imagine what it must be like to have lived just about a century? I certainly can’t! Think of all the changes she’s seen in her lifetime. It’s pretty crazy, if you ask me! The family is having a surprise party for her today and we’re quite disappointed not to be able to participate, but I suppose that’s life sometimes. Hopefully, we’ll be able to make it to her 100th birthday! 🙂 Below is a photo of Mammaw, Cora and Sue at Thanksgiving! Mammaw sure does love her great grandchild! I can’t remember, but I think Cora is #8 for her! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMMAW!!!!! We love you!

Today also marks 11 months for Cora! WHAT???? Seriously???? Yes, seriously! I can’t believe it either! Again, where have the months gone? What has Cora been up to this month? Well, she is just about to start walking. She does not like to crawl much any more and takes off if you stand her up and hold on to her hands. She’s able to walk with you holding just one hand now!!! She is loving peas now! Who knew–she hated them when they were pureed, but give them to her whole and she chows them right down! She also loves yogurt and carrots and just about anything. We’re gearing up for her b-day party in a month so we’re starting her on egg whites to be sure she can tolerate eggs. After that I’m going to say she’s “good to go” and probably won’t be so cautious with what she eats! This month has also been a sick on for her. January was long and tiring with double ear infections and bronchitis. This month she was fine, we were just getting back to normal and she got sick again. However, she seems to be doing much better now, hopefully that’s all!!! She is starting to mimic our sounds and I swear says “daw” for “dog.” Cora loves to read and likes to sit and “read” on her own! Oh, she also likes to do this to her books! 🙂 We love you Cora!!! 🙂

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