Getting Ready to Exhale

David had a wonderful and profitable weekend in Indianapolis, IN at an event put on by the American Baptist Churches, called Face to Face (F2F). This one was sponsored by the ABC in KY/IN. He arrived expecting to be scheduled to interview with 6-7 churches, as is typical, and got there to discovered he had been scheduled with 8!! As Friday and Saturday progressed he had more and more churches ask to meet with him and when all was said and done he interviewed with 13 of the 16 churches present. WOW!!! Can we say AMEN?!?!?!?!? My husband came home excited and confident that the Lord is going to do a mighty thing here and provide David with a job. We must trust that. So, with that in mind, I’m getting ready to exhale.

You know the feeling–when you do something and take in breath and only when you exhale do you realise you’ve been holding it in? When David got home on Saturday evening I broke down. I had so much pent up emotion, built on for a year now and then extra built upon as I waited for him to be in these interviews I just couldn’t hold it in any longer. Of course I would love to say that I very calmly and nicely just let the tears flow, but that would be a lie. Something totally unrelated flipped the switch and it wasn’t until after much yelling and such that we finally got down to what was really bothering me. (yes, I’ve been this way my whole life and am trying so hard to change) Through lots of tears and a huge hug from my dear husband I felt like I was able to let out some of the breath I’ve been holding in.

I know God will provide. I have known this the whole time. I’m just ready to really let it all out and take in a deeper breath of FRESH air. Fresh air, somewhere else. We’re ready, we think God is ready to reveal his plan to us and we’re ready to accept it!

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