Afraid to Hope?

Have you ever been afraid to hope? Afraid that if you “get your hopes up high” the fall will be that much harder when they fall? I have. I have for a year now, maybe more. We hoped that our time at Bankers would not end the way it did. Then we hoped God would release us from that situation. And now, for over a year, we’ve hoped to be released from where we are now. There’s been a whole lot of hopin’ going on in our house. And yet, we continue to hope. Why? Because in Christ we have hope. I’m learning that often what we hope for here on earth isn’t always realized the way we expected, or doesn’t always come true, however the hope we can have in Christ never fails us. I have been learning to keep my hope in Christ. That’s it. “Just” in him. He is, after all, the only constant in life. The only “thing” that doesn’t fail. The only person who doesn’t disappoint. Does this mean we always agree with the direction he sends us, or always like the situation he allows us to be in? Of course not! But, don’t we usually come out of that situation realizing he was right all along?

My husband and I truly feel our time of waiting is coming to a close. We truly believe the church God has for us was at the F2F last weekend and that they will be calling. We truly believe that God is about to move us from our current situation and into a church where we can find love, support, community, and be a part of worship with other believers. We do believe. But, I’m finding it hard to hope it all happens. I’m finding it hard to hope that it can actually be true. Kinda contradictory, huh? I mean if I believe it’s going to happen I should have no issues putting my hope in HIM, the One who never fails.

I think that hope, faith and trust all go hand in hand. Without faith we can’t trust and without trust we can’t have hope. I pray that, today, you are able to put your faith, trust and HOPE in him.

2 thoughts on “Afraid to Hope?

  1. Man, what a good reminder! I too struggle with hoping for things thinking they won't come true. I like the way you ended it with needing faith to have trust and needing trust to have hope. So true.

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