A Series of Numbers

13 = how many churches David met with 2 weeks ago

4= how many have said “no”

4 = how many want to continue talking to him

5 = how many we haven’t even heard from yet!

12 = the most steps Cora has taken at one time so far

8 = the number of hours before my weekend can begin

9 = how many days until David gets to talk to the church he’s most interested in

435 = the number of days we’ve been living where we are

?? = how many more days until we get to move on

countless = the number of blessings the Lord has given us


2 thoughts on “A Series of Numbers

  1. Wow, you've heard back positively from four? I don't think I realized that! Praise God. And Cora is becoming quite the walker!!! Can't wait to see her in action. 🙂

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