Two Become One

The reason we went to Huntington last weekend was because my MIL was getting married on Saturday! We were/are, of course, very excited for her and M! It was a simple wedding, with 13 family members there to witness the event. We had a really nice time at the wedding and followed that up with a delicious dinner at a local Italian restaurant (who’s name is escaping me right now!). It was so nice, relaxed and just fun to be with family and to see our two families come together. Below are photos of the big day. Oh, I was the photographer for the day. I tried my best, we’ll see how the bride likes them! 🙂

The new West family
Sister hug!

We had a time of prayer for the bride and groom after the ceremony.

Mom and son

You may now kiss your bride!

The cutest baby there! 🙂

Cora with her new Aunt “Dee” (Deirdre)

The whole gang–Johnsons on the left, Wests on the right

attempting to be artsy

And, just because she’s so darn cute!

Cora with Grandma and Pops

2 thoughts on “Two Become One

  1. Actually, yes, she left the hat on until it was about 10 min before we left for home. We were all quite impressed! The cake was lemony, it had a lemon cream filing. It was quite tasty!

  2. The pictures turned out great! Cora is SO cute in that outfit. Did she willingly leave that hat on the whole time? What kind of cake was that? It's so pretty.

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