Abe and Sarah, Joe and Mary…

…David and Jeni. What do we all have in common? God asked us to do something that didn’t make sense and didn’t give us any details. What do I mean? Well, God told Abraham to get up and go, taking his family with him. God did the same to Joseph and Mary. And, well, God has done the same to David and I. We are to pack up and go. Go where? Well, right now Columbus, OH. Do what? Not sure yet. That’s one of those details God hasn’t shared with us. We have felt a strong sense of urgency to leave the house we’re in, leave the town and state we’re living in. None of it made sense, we knew we were to go, but we didn’t know where, or how financially. Through the gifts of some very wonderful people we are able to move and have our rent paid for us until David finds a job. Wow. The blessings of the Lord on his children are overwhelming. Why Columbus? Well, we want to move closer to family. C-bus is right in the middle of my parents and David’s dad and step mom and is where his mom now lives. Also, it’s a big area with a lot more job opportunities than Huntington or Akron.

We’re heading down this weekend to find an apartment and get the ball rolling. I will more than likely put in my 2 weeks’ notice on Monday, and we’ll pack up and clean the house and get ready for whatever it is God has for us! We continue to pray for His guidance as we look for a job. We don’t know where God wants David to work, but David has certainly been applying for everything and anything.

You, my readers, all know this time for us has been very frustrating, spiritually draining, depressing, just no fun, really. If it weren’t for Cora we would not have had much of anything, really, to be excited about. We do not expect our moving to solve all of our problems, or make life perfect, but we do know, without doubt this is what God is asking us to do, and so we go willingly and excited to see what He has in store for us!

Would you pray with us? Pray David finds a job, that we find a great place to live, and that we will find a wonderful church to become part of? I would say these are our 3 greatest burdens right now. I’ll keep you posted as things develop!

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