How many times have you moved in your life? I don’t know if I could count. From the time I was born my family was moving here and there, back and forth. Not because we weren’t a stable family, but due to being missionaries! 🙂 (OK, some might say we’re not stable! 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) And then there was college, life after college and so on. You’d think it would get easier. In some ways, I suppose it is. I have no problem throwing things away or giving them away. It’s easier to get rid of stuff than pack it! 🙂 However, moving is never fun or easy. I mean you have to pack and clean and think through all sorts of stuff. You have to cancel services you have in your home and close out bank accounts. And then you have the good-byes. You do your best to tell everyone that you’re leaving town. You know that some will stay in touch, but most won’t.

We all have a least favorite thing about moving. Mine, strangely enough, is getting to the new place. Yeah, I like the adventure of it all, but it’s still my least favorite part. I mean, I’m comfortable here, I know where all my stuff is, I know where all the stores and doctor offices are. I have friends, life is just moving along. But now, with a new place, I don’t know any of that stuff. I can’t remember where I packed that thing, I don’t know where the best grocery store is, I don’t have friends (yet!) and well, once the excitement of the move it can be pretty lonely.

I’m not sure what this move will be like. I’ve never moved with a child before. I’m sure she’ll make it easier as far as the loneliness goes, but I’m also sure it’ll make things more interesting! 🙂 I’m really looking forward to this move, but am also very unsure. I mean, we have no job, and our home is only temporary, so well, there’s a lot of unknowns. But, I go with confidence that God has us in his arms and knows our ways and knows exactly what is waiting for us.

I better go. Anyone seen the packing tape?


One thought on “Moving…

  1. least favorite part of moving… the packing! definitely the unpacking. with a quick second going to the unpacking. have fun! 🙂 can't wait till you're close to us down in C-bus!

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