Just Breathe

Ahhhhhhh…isn’t it grand to take a deep breath of fresh air? Isn’t it the best feeling ever to breathe deeply after swimming under water or holding your breath? Isn’t it is relaxing to breathe deep to relax yourself? This is what we’ve been doing this week–breathing deep. We moved from MI to OH on Monday and though things did NOT go well with the movers, we’re here now and breathing deep. My husband and I keep saying how relaxed we feel, how happy we feel, how at peace we feel. It’s pretty crazy, because we’re living with family, neither of us has a job, and we don’t know when David will get a job, but we’re breathing deep. God has brought us out of the valley, our season of winter has turned to spring and things are already looking up. Perfect? No, but life on earth isn’t perfect.

What have we been doing? Well, we’ve been running around hither and yon trying to get stuff situated. Our movers did a terrible job at putting everything in storage so we have to figure out how to get to our beds, etc. I had everything marked with a yellow piece of paper that was to come to the house. Guess they didn’t think that made things easier. In any case, we’re making due. David went to a job fair yesterday. It wasn’t all that great, however, he was contacted by one of the companies today to continue the process! So, that’s encouraging!!!! We still need to get a bank account set up and change our car insurance and plates, etc. That’ll probably have to wait until next week. We’ve even had dinner with my sister, BIL and their kids! It’s great only being an hour away from them!
We are loving being in Ohio again and love just being out of Hillsdale. As we were eating lunch at a restaurant today I noticed how nice it was to be sitting there and not having to fear seeing certain people and wondering how awkward it would be. It’s nice to go shopping at the grocery store and not fear running into one of the people who was so terrible to us. Yep, life is good and more importantly, God is good. He loves us and is giving us a time to rest and heal.

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