Today marks 3 weeks that we’ve been in Columbus. We love it here!!!! We have been going on long walks in the beautiful neighborhood where we’re living. We’ve been having fun being with and near family and well, I think we just feel more at peace now. We have found a really great church and are moving forward with starting the membership process there. Though we’ve all made some adjustments to the way we’re used to doing things the transition to living with family has gone quite well. Here’s a short recap of what we’re all doing individually:

DAVID: He’s still looking for a job. Daily he’s getting applications, applying on line and calling places. It’s a long process and it gets aggravating, but God is good. David has been helping with yard work here at his mom’s house, helping his mom hang stuff on the walls and is helping his step dad with the cleaning business. He is keeping busy!! David is adjusting to NOT being home alone all day with Cora. He’s having to get used to me being home as well as his mom. I try to give him alone time when possible! πŸ™‚
JENI: I am also keeping busy helping with keeping the house clean, cooking meals, doing yard work and caring for Cora. I have enjoyed being with my MIL and getting to know her even better. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous about this transition, but it seems to be going well. We’ve had fun being MIL and DIL. It’s also nice for me to have someone around to talk to. We’re both adjusting to not being at work all day behind a desk! It’s great not to have to “punch a clock,” but it is an adjustment! πŸ™‚ I am relieved every day when I think about cleaning and stuff and know I don’t have to cram it all in to the weekend. Our weekends have been that much more relaxed!
CORA: Cora will be 14 months on TH! How on earth is that happening????? It’s hard to think she is quickly getting closer to being 2 than 1! She’s growing like crazy, both physically and mentally and is just so smart! She knows several words: dog, toe (and knows where her toe is and LOVES to show you!), HI (which we here about 1000 times a day!), HEY (also hear 1000 times a day), Da-da (all men are “da-da” and I am either “dog” or “da-da”), Ma-ma (except only when Daddy is disciplining her, never to my face), ni-ni (for night-night) and something that sounds like “bye-bye.” She will also say “yah, yah, yah” when you ask her if she wants her cup. She is a hoot! She’s going through the I-only-want-Mommy stage so that’s a bit taxing on me sometimes, but oh well! She has done a fantastic job adjusting to to life here in Columbus. Last week we eliminated a nap so she’s down to 1 nap and goes to bed at 7 and falls asleep better now! It has been working very well and seems to have been the right move. Cora is also adjusting to having Mommy home and not just Daddy. With this adjustment it seems she’s been mad at David due to this. Today was the first she let him hug and kiss her w/out her screaming. Not sure what that’s about all we can think is she’s somehow mad that she doesn’t get Daddy to herself all day.
MOLLY: Molly, our dog, has been doing GREAT!!!!! My MIL’s house has a nice fenced-in back yard, and Molly is LOVING it!!!! She is also loving the long walks we take almost daily and all the “city smells” she can sniff along the way! πŸ™‚ She has trimmed down and is back to her svelte self! πŸ™‚ She is adjusting to having the whole family home all day, every day! She can’t seem to get a good, long nap in anymore! πŸ™‚
All in all the Hardin’s are doing well. We love our new, temporary home and we love our new church and love being closer to family. God is so good and we’re thankful for this time of respite and healing!

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