Who You Trying to Please?

It seems women are cursed with the impossible “need” to please everyone. You want to please your husband, your children, your in-laws, your parents, your friends, the dog, your boss, fellow church people. The list goes on and on and on. It seems endless. I can’t figure out why we have this ridiculous curse and why do we pressure ourselves so much? It’s ridiculous, like I’ve already said!

Since moving in with my MIL and her husband I have been struck anew with this feeling of wanting to please people. I mean, we’re guests in this house and so we must act perfectly so as not to put any undo stress on them. My MIL said she felt like she was trying to please everyone too. Sigh…why do we do this? We’re family for crying out loud!! (And, just so you know, things are going great living here! It’s just this silliness we women feel.)
In any case, it got me to thinking. As a woman I want to please everyone, but as a Christian I’m only to please the Lord. And, if I’m doing all I can to please the Lord the result will more than likely be pleasing everyone else! Funny how that works, huh? And so, since that slight revelation, I have been doing my best to live my life in a way that’s pleasing to the Lord and hope that’s enough for everyone else. Who are you trying to please today?

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