The Girl Who Hates Grass

So, if you’ve seen my photos on Facebook you’ll know that Cora HATES grass. I mean, hates it! Even with shoes on. When we place her in the grass it’s immediate complaining, crying, melting-down. We have taken to putting a blanket out in the yard when we’re outside because I don’t want her to be a recluse, and she stays in the middle of the blanket. The following photos are from the other day. David and his mom were working on the patio, and Cora and I went to investigate. She was getting heavy and David said to just put her down. I did and she kept a vice grip on me. I was able to slowly pry myself from her and slowly started distancing myself thinking she’d follow me. Um, no–and this is a girl who will NOT let me out of her sight these days!!! She stood in the same spot for 10-15 minutes not budging. I mean, refusing to budge. She finally realized we were all a good 10 feet away and threw a bit of a fit. I went over to her to take her hand in hopes she would walk with me. Nope. She wouldn’t budge. Have you ever tried to move a stubborn dog who has planted her feet into the ground? That’s just what Cora was doing. I was getting hot and finally picked her up and brought her in the house. Sigh….my goal this summer is to get her to willingly be in the grass. We’ll see.

She got somewhat brave and bent down to touch the grass but got up quickly!

Can’t you just hear her saying, “Nope, I refuse to move!”

This is the face I got when she was “telling” me she was done being in the grass and to please take her inside! 🙂

3 thoughts on “The Girl Who Hates Grass

  1. Don't tell Tim but when he was little he didn't like puddles or even water spots on the pavement. We had to carry him over those 2 after a rain! I think it had something to do with his poor eyesight, but not sure. Probably just a "kid" thing. He got over it.Love, Aunt Cathy

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