Weekend Adventures Part One: Reconnecting

This weekend we went to Akron for 2 big parties! Saturday I went to my friend, L’s, baby shower! L and I met when we worked together in Akron several years ago. We became fast friends and I have been so thankful for her since! (She also has a fabulous blog here.) I haven’t seen her since my wedding 4 1/2 years ago so it was wonderful to see her! Her husband is a fantastic musician and they moved out west so he could expand that talent, etc! Well, L and I keep in daily/weekly contact and though we haven’t seen each other we’ve kept up on each other’s lives. Needless to say, I have missed her greatly and was so excited to see her on Saturday and get to celebrate her pregnancy! She is, of course, ADORABLE as a preggo and we had so much fun! Also at the party were 3 other ladies L and I worked with (and with whom I also keep in touch). Two of the ladies have also had kids since we all worked together and it was fun to be together with our babies! Cora had fun with her new friend P, and though P is 4 months older they’re the same size and seemed to have a lot of fun together! Below are photos from the fun day! Congratulations L and J! I can’t wait to meet your baby!!!!

The proud parents!

Cora really enjoying the table decorations!

Cora and her new friend!

Old friends brought back together!
I sure hope one day we’ll live near each other again!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Adventures Part One: Reconnecting

  1. Awwww – thanks for the wonderful post, Jeni!!! It was SO WONDERFUL to see you again and to finally meet Cora!! I wish we lived closer, but I'm thankful you were in Ohio and able to come to the shower!! I've missed you!!

  2. The table decorations were styrofoam cups made to look like booties! They were really cute, actually and had a pink and blue bag of tea in it with mints too. Very cute! 🙂

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