Growing Pains

It’s been a rough past several days for Cora. She’s been “teething” her first set of molars for several months now. Last week she finally had a top one and bottom one poke through. At the same time, I noticed she had also poked through her top two eye teeth! A few days later as I was putting Orajel on her gums I felt another tooth! Poor thing cut 5 teeth in a week. No wonder she’s been such a mess! It pains me to see my baby in pain. I know this is necessary pain so she will be able to eat the piles of steak her daddy will make for her, but still, can’t there be an easier way? I suppose not. Obviously, we’re not done. She still has 2 eye teeth and 1 molar before this round is done. Hopefully, though, when these come through she’ll get a break before the rest come in. Above Cora is snuggling with my mom. Cora is not much of a snuggler, especially with anyone other than myself. I was packing up our stuff so we could return to Columbus on Monday and found these two like this in the living room. So precious. I’m thankful Cora has 3 loving grammies who are always willing to snuggle her when she needs it!


2 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. I would love to snuggle with her right now!!! Bless her heart – praying for those teeth to come in quickly so our precious baby girl can get some relief. (and you too!)

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