You Know You’re a Mom If…

…you ask your husband if he has to “go potty.”

…you no longer hum you favorite songs but rather the “ABCs,” or what ever other jingles are on your child’s toys.
…you have purchased 3 pairs of sandals for your child in 2 months because s/he is growing so fast.
…you don’t notice that you have smeared banana/mushed bread/soggy Cheerios/whatever on your clothes.
…you get great pleasure out of the “simplest” new feat your child has learned.
…you can’t wait for nap time, bed time, any time that involves your child sleeping.
…you find yourself frantically searching for a paci, any paci, just give me a paci!!!!!
What can you add to this list? What is is that you find a difiner of a mom?

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