Please don’t do that again!

Last night I had the biggest scare of my life, seriously! It was 6ish in the evening. David and my MIL had just left to grab something to eat and I stayed home with Cora because she had already eaten and I wasn’t hungry. About 5 min. after they left Cora tripped and fell and bonked her head on the hardwood floor. Not an unusual occurrence–she does this frequently. However, when I picked her up she cried for about 3 seconds and her body went limp, her head flopped bad and her eyes rolled back in her head. She turned bright red, wasn’t breathing and I knew something was wrong. Usually, when she is hurt she doesn’t like me to hug her too tightly, she’ll push away, etc. So, the fact that I was able to hug her tight without fighting me was another indicator something wasn’t right (FYI: this all happened in a matter of seconds). I jiggled her in hopes of making her breathe, which she did, but then she went limp. I was terrified. I called David and told him to get home NOW (thankfully, they were only 5ish min. away!) and then I called my sister (who is a RN and mom of 3). She told me to call 911 right away. I hung up and called 911. The lady was very calm, kind and calming. She passed me on to someone else with pediatric experience (I guess). He asked me to tickle Cora’s feet to see if there was a reaction (there was) and then told me to move her head, or let her move it and to keep holding it. I’m sure the paramedics were here in less then 5 min., but it was the LONGEST amount of time I’ve ever had. First pulled up David and his mom and shortly after a fire engine. We ended up with 2 fire engines, 1 rescue bus and 1 ambulance with 9 men in our house. They were all very kind, gentle and professional and did a wonderful job in caring for Cora and me too! At the end we had 3 men here (the head guy told the others they could leave). The head guy told us that he made a point of taking extra classes to keep up on pediatric care, which made me feel good. He checked her pupils, heart, breathing, blood pressure and felt her neck and head to see if she would show any pain, which she didn’t. She was fine, all vitals perfect. She started saying, “HI!” and talking. She followed her grandma, dad, Pops, me with her head and eyes and then wanted down and started toddling around. The EMT guy said we could go to the hospital but that they wouldn’t do anything different. So, we opted not to go and they told us she seemed to be fine and if she started to act out of norm to take her in.

Can I tell you how terrified I was and still feel to some extent? Wow. I had no idea if she would be OK. I had no idea if she was going to die, if she would have brain damage, if we would ever have our Cora back. She’s fine. I’m settling down and I’m just praising the Lord for his protection over her. It’s amazing how you realize just how much you love a person when that person might not be with you anymore.
I praise the Lord for his hand of protection over her, for the kind and fast-working medical personnel and for those how were praying for Cora. Praise you Jesus!!! Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Please don’t do that again!

  1. Praise our wonderful Lord. When Ruthie called I had people praying.Daddy and prayed right away. We love Cora so much, please give her a kiss from,mom

  2. yes indeed, let's not do that ever again. ug! it takes me back to when sophia cut her head open. i related this event on my blog too and i hope i got all the details right. correct me in the comments if i didn't !!! give Cora girl a big hug and kiss from Auntie Ruthie please!

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