A Birthday Party for Grampy!

Last week was my dad’s 58th Birthday. We all got together in the town my sister and BIL and their kids live to celebrate on Saturday. We had a great time, as usual! 🙂 My sister and BIL have had a Chinese grad student living with them for 3 years. My mom asked Shirmy if she would be willing to make a Chinese dinner for my dad’s birthday. Of course, Shirmy said yes, and we all partook of some wonderful, authentic Chinese food! Shirmy put on quite the spread for us, and we all ate until we were way too full! 🙂 Shirmy has become a part of our family these 3 years so it was nice to have her join us!
There was the usual cake and ice cream and gift-opening. As well as the obligatory photos trying to get all the kids and adults to look at the camera, with a smile, at the same time! Not too easy, let me tell you! 🙂 In any case, I think Dad felt loved and well-celebrated and we all had a marvelous time!

Shirmy making dinner

All the yummy food!

Aren’t they so cute? 🙂

The 3 oldest grandkids finger painted pictures for Grampy and I put them in a frame. I think he liked it! 🙂

This is the best one I got!

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