Two Lovebirds

Today is my sister and BIL’s 7th wedding anniversary!!!!! WOW! Seems like just yesterday I was returning from Cameroon, Africa 20 days before their wedding and hoping I hadn’t missed out on all the fun! They have not always had it easy–dashed hopes in ministry, loss of several unborn children, heartache, questioning “what’s next,” and not always understanding the path God has sent them on. However, I know with certainty, that my sister and BIL love the Lord and in turn, love each other with great passion.

When they got married I was still single. I had many people ask me if I was upset that my younger sister was getting married first? WHAT? Seriously??? NO! I was ecstatic that my sister was able to marry the man of her dreams and was able to build a life with him! I wasn’t at all upset, though it made me upset when people would ask me that. Their wedding was beautiful–full of love, life and laughter. Other than my own wedding it was the most fun I have ever had at a wedding. The food was good, the cake was DELICIOUS and the company was great. I remember being so happy and proud of my sister for marrying such a wonderful man.
My BIL is a gem and has become a brother to me, not just an in-law. I love how he loves my sister and treats her with such respect and love. He challenges her to be a better person and praises her and encourages her in her strengths.

These 2 have built a beautiful family. I have 2 nieces and 1 nephew who I have had the privilege to love and spend time with and watch grow. I know my sister and BIL do not take these children for granted as they have suffered the loss of 4 who we won’t meet this side of heaven. I know that has been more than hard for them, but I also know it has taught them, among other things, to not take for granted the children the Lord has blessed them with.
Their love for the Lord and each other has been an encouragement to me. I love them so much and am proud to call them, not only family, but my friends.
Happy Anniversary Jamie and Ruthie!

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