No Tree Hugger Here!

OK, so we all know Cora isn’t much for grass. It has been a long summer trying to get her to walk in it with shoes on and now barefoot. Usually, she’s pretty good. However, this summer, I have noticed she really doesn’t like the out of doors much at all. It’s clear she is not a risk-taker and would really prefer to be comfortably seated inside reading books. We were up at my parent’s house 2 weekends ago and well, it was funny and interesting to see my little girl and her dislike of nature. Here are a few photos depicting what I’m talking about!
She HATES the swing. I can’t say I blame her. I have never liked to swing. However, I’m trying not to pass my fears/dislikes on to Cora so I do my best to get her to experience things for herself. 🙂 As you can see, the swing did not bring on a look of glee but rather a look of terror! Shortly after this was taken she was screaming.

My parents have a sandbox. I put her in the sandbox with her shoes on and after a few minutes of her playing gleefully I thought maybe she would enjoy not having her shoes on (and getting sand in her shoes), so I took them off. Well, to put it simply, sandbox time ended swiftly. Apparently, she doesn’t like sand on her feet or between her toes…sigh…
My parents bought a slip-n-slide for the grand kids and my dad got it all set up. On the side of the slip-n-slide there are pin holes to create a fountain. My mom figured Cora would love the fountain due to her loving to play in one not too long ago. Um, not so much. In fact, we could barely get her to touch the water–something she loves to play in. She especially did not appreciate sitting in the “pool” at the end of the slide and having her 2 cousins slip and slide into her. As you can see…
Cora was able to work herself up onto a toy tractor but as you can see her feet are securely tucked out of harms’ way–you know, from the evil grass…
And, to continue in the grass vein… She hates grass on her feet, but worse than that is WET grass. She was so hilarious standing on one leg, holding on to the bird feeder with her other foot dangling in the wind. She would NOT put it down until I removed the offending piece of clover from her foot.
Well, here’s to next summer! 🙂

3 thoughts on “No Tree Hugger Here!

  1. so funny! 🙂 I would like to mention that just yesterday a certain Mommy got some wet grass on her feet and she went scurrying off to remove it! Let's just say the apple doesn't fall far from tree. 🙂

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