Girls Only…kind of…

A couple weeks ago we had invited my sister, BIL and their 3 kids for the afternoon and supper. It turned out that only the girls could come, so we had a good time all of us 6 girls (hey, Molly’s a girl too!) and… my husband! 🙂 He had to fend for himself and keep all of us women under control (truth be told, I think he had a great time). We played outside, went to a small playground, got VERY hot (Cora and Sophia were RED in the face and so sweaty!!!!), watched TV, ate snacks, ate supper and finished the evening eating ice cream at Graeters! It was a great time and I think Cora really LOVED being with her girl cousins, although, I’m sure she missed Riley and her Uncle Jamie! 🙂 My sister and I look forward to introducing the girls to such fun movies as “Anne of Green Gables” and having movie marathons! 🙂


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