He’s TWO!!!

Saturday was my nephew, Riley’s, 2nd birthday. Two? Really?? Already???? Seems like he was just born! Seems like he was only 7 months old and was joined by his cousin Cora. Geesh! Life is moving WAY too fast. Anyway, we were not able to be at his actual party (though the Hardin’s were represented by Molly and Cora) due to having an appointment we couldn’t get out of. David and I were sad to not be there for his party (I hear he had a guitar cake!) but we were glad to spend the morning with him and give him our gifts. He’s such a cutie, isn’t he? It’s nigh impossible to get him to smile let alone look at the camera, but I think I still got some cute ones! 🙂

This little guy LOVES bulldozers, trucks, etc. We got him 3 different trucks! 🙂

This is as close as we get to a smile folks! 🙂 (You know how long it took me to get a photo of him LOOKING at the camera?)

We attempted to get a photo of us with all the kids, and well, here’s the best one, I guess! 🙂 Isn’t it amazing how much Cora and Riley look alike?

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