Yesterday I was posted some photos of our new house! I was so excited to get them posted I forgot to write a little about it! 🙂 We saw this house last week on Saturday and new immediately it was the home for us! We had 3 other homes to look at so we did, but the whole time kept comparing them to THIS house–I guess that should’ve said something, huh? 🙂  We asked the realtor how we go about placing an offer, so he helped us with that and to make this short, we heard on Tuesday that we got the bid!!!!!!!!! We are SO EXCITED!!!!!!! This is a first for us in our marriage. Up to this point we’ve only lived in 2 parsonages so we are ecstatic to have our OWN home, where we can do what we want without asking permission!

Our house was built in 1924 and is a craftsman bungalow. The upstairs is one big bedroom (master) with a full bath. The house was sent into foreclosure and purchased by the selling realtor, who flipped the house and sold it to US! 🙂 The flip was done very well and the house is move in  ready. We went over our budget time and again and found that it was actually going to be cheaper to buy a house then rent due to the housing market being what it is right now. We are so excited and feel so blessed by this home. We KNOW without a doubt this house is a gift from the Lord. We know he has enable us to purchase this home and has helped all the details fall into place. We sold our 2nd car and will be able to use that money for the downpayment as well as were able to purchase a much-needed new computer. God has been providing in ways we didn’t know were possible. He has allowed us to have a budget that will allow us to pay off our schools faster, have savings and buy a house. It’s very overwhelming!!!!! We are so thankful!!!

We go up on Saturday to sign the loan papers and get the house inspected. I’m excited to go see MY house again! 🙂

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