A Whole Lotta This-n-That

There has been so much going on and I have been lax in my blogging due to it! I figured I better get some words to the screen and catch you up! 🙂

Last weekend we signed all the loan papers for our house (WOW! That still sounds funny saying “our house!”). Talk about signing your life away! Papers upon papers upon papers and we’re still not done! Apparently, when it’s closing day we’ll have just as many, if not more, to sign! Which brings me to this: our hopeful closing date is Oct 1!!!! We say “hopeful” because the loan agency doesn’t know it’ll get done that fast. However, I’ve worked in plenty of offices (even on that was a mortgage company) and you can always get things done. 🙂 However, we’re keeping in mind that it might not happen on Oct 1. Assuming all things go the way we hope and pray they will, we’ll sign the papers on Oct 1 and move to our new home on Oct 2!!!!!!!!!! Folks, that’s 2 WEEKS from now! PRAISE THE LORD, is all I have to say.

David will be preaching at the church this coming Sunday, Sept 26. You know how you wish/dream/pray/hope so long for something and then when it finally comes it’s almost unbelievable? Well, that’s how we’re feeling these days. Very thankful, feeling very blessed, very excited and very overwhelmed by all the Lord is doing. Anyway! I digress… Saturday, the 25th, David will meet with all of the different board members of the church. Cora and I will then join him later in the afternoon when they do a whole meet-n-greet time with the church as a whole, followed by dinner. The next day (Sun) David will preach (and I’ll be sitting in the pew praying!), we’ll leave the sanctuary, the congregation will vote (hopefully in favor of David!) and we’ll return to the sanctuary for the result! 🙂 If all goes as we pray it does, we’ll then call our realtor to let him know our end is a go and to let the seller of our house know. 🙂 A big weekend for sure. Sigh, we are SO EXCITED and can hardly stand it!!!!!!!

Earlier this past week we spent our time in WV visiting David’s family. I’ll add more about that in a later post.

Welp, such is our life in a nutshell. Seems we’re being swept along and just going wherever God sends us! 🙂


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