How to Successfully Hang Wallpaper

Be sure to have a LOVELY assistant! Near impossible to do this on your own! My beautiful sister helped me out!

Measure where you want the top of the wallpaper (we did a border) and using a chalk line thing we made our perfectly straight guide lines!
Measure out your pieces of border, try to make as few cuts as possible. Our instructions were to then soak for 45 sec and let it “activate” for 5 min before hanging–this is when it’s handy to have someone help you!

Admire your handiwork! My sister made the “CORA” letters way back when I was pregnant with Cora and I was SO excited to get them hung!

The jungle theme we used is from Lambs & Ivy and is the “Little One” collection. Isn’t it so cute?

Cora’s piggy bank! Be sure to make deposits! 🙂 

This is the view standing at the window and that’s her closet door.

After not being able to get Cora’s room ready while pregnant and then when she was born I was SO excited to have this done. It did this Mama’s heart good. Thank you Jesus!


2 thoughts on “How to Successfully Hang Wallpaper

  1. I must say hanging the border was much more simple than I imagined! And, it did turn out so cute. I'm so glad you chose that height to hang it – I think it really sets if off perfectly!

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