Moving Day Highlights

I have decided to just bite the bullet and deal with the slow internet connection because, really, life must go on and I have photos to share! 🙂 On the Columbus end we had people from the church we had been attending there come help. My dad was the “load master” and he and David and the others loaded up all of our belongings into a 26′ Uhaul! My mom, Cora, Molly and I headed to Bedford with a very loaded up van  so we could get some cleaning done at the house. I also wanted Cora and Molly to explore their new home without all the craziness of boxes. They had so much fun running around! Cora would squeal, Molly was a crazy, running, maniac dog! 🙂 It did my heart well to see them so happy. I failed to get photos of the process in Columbus, but did get lots from the unloading here at our home. My whole family, minus 1 cousin, was here to help with the unloading and childcare. It was so special to have everyone’s help on both ends. We felt very loved! So, without further ado here are photos from our moving day 2 weeks ago!

“I have the box!” “No, I have the box!” Someone just move the box, boys!

My poor husband and dad did a lot of lifting that day. I don’t know if we could have done it without them! Thanks guys!

Thank Goodness Grammy was there to hold Cora, who was very bewildered at all the goings-on!

Uncle Bob doing lots of work, and also brought up my hutch and some other furniture.

My cousin, Tim, worked very hard getting everything to the front of the truck for everyone else.

Cora with her Grammy and Great aunts Cathy and Connie!

“Hi, Aunt Cathy!” 🙂 

My Uncle Kerry somehow evaded the camera, but I did get a photo of his back! 🙂 He also did tons of work! 

Riley Boy kept us all entertained!

We even had the kids helping! Thanks Soph!

Molly had had enough and decided to snooze during it all.

Don’t over-do it Jamie! 🙂 

Haddie had clearly worked hard and took a much-deserved nap! 🙂 

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