Slides ARE evil!

I don’t usually do 2 blogs in a day, but I am today! Last night, David, Cora, Molly and I went to this playground 2 blocks from our house to play before bedtime. Cora has been afraid for slides the last couple times, so we thought we’d help her. Well, she and David went down and all was fun and fine and dandy. So, I thought I’d give it a go. All was NOT fun, fine OR dandy. Unbeknownst to me, Cora’s foot had gotten caught under my leg, or something. In any case we kept going and her leg was a little further behind. We thought it was just her foot that was affected so we opted to not take her to the ER last night, as it didn’t seem to bother her to have her foot touched, etc. The only thing plaguing us (me) was she wasn’t putting any weight on her leg/foot. When she woke up this morning at 3:30 screaming I got up with her, gave her more ibuprofen, rocked her, she eventually fell asleep and we slept in the chair until just after 7. I came upstairs, told David we needed to get to the dr. and so, we did. We spent the morning at a pediatric ER at one of the hospitals around here and were cared for by wonderful nurses and doctors. After waiting forever to get into X-ray and then another forever to get a dr. to talk to us about what was going on, we were finally told Cora has a “hidden tibia fracture.” Basically, a small fracture btwn her knee and ankle. The dr. told us this happens all the time to kids when they go down slides and though it seems a big deal to us, in the world of bones and kids it’s not a  big deal at all. Sure…easy for him to say! In any case, they put a splint on Cora’s leg (from butt to toes) so she won’t put any pressure on her leg and make the break worse. We will be heading to a pediatric orthopedic doctor tomorrow for a cast, which will be on from 4-6 weeks. I didn’t get a photo yet, I’ll wait for her to have the cast on.

We’re thankful the break isn’t any worse and that it seems it will heal well. Now, we just pray for complete healing and, to be honest, the funds to pay for this! We have not been able to get our insurance set up yet, so we’re trusting! In a world that seems to be controlled by health insurance it’s hard not to panic a little, but God is bigger than insurance, and he knows our needs. Our main concern is that Cora be restored to full health very soon!


2 thoughts on “Slides ARE evil!

  1. I just hate that this happened! It breaks my Auntie heart to know Cora is hurt. It also hurts my heart knowing what you, the Mommy, are going through. Whenever your kiddo is hurt it is rough, no matter how major or minor! Praying all heals well and trusting with you guys that God will provide!

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