Trick-or-Treat Street

Cora and I were invited by our neighbors to go to “Trick-or-Treet Street” being held at the I-X Center. THey had it set up with a “street” around the edge that the kids could stop at different “houses” and get candy. In the middle were all sorts of kid-sized fair rides. Cora surprised me by wanting to go on some of the rides and overall I think she had a blast! It was nice to get out with people of our age and have a fun time too! Due to me not being too in to Halloween and not being overly creative when it comes to costumes our neighbor let us borrow her girls’ tu-tu, princess hat, a wand and sparkly purse. I only barely got the tu-tu on Cora! 🙂 Oh, well, she’s cute regardless! 
I hope Cora and “J” become good friends. J is a few months older than Cora.

This is J and her sister E. Cora thought this was the life, being strolled around and having candy handed to her! 🙂 

We found some pumpkins for a cute photo op!

All the girls! 

Taking a ride on a real live pony!

She LOVED it!!!!!!! I had to pull her off the pony!

On her first fair ride–LOVED it!

She and J would smile and wave every time they came around to us.

Unfortunately, she wanted to ride this ride–just like the teacups at Disney World. I was not impressed, but she thought it was grand!

My little princess fairy ballerina, or…just plain cutie! 🙂

Apparently, princess fairy ballerinas can’t feed themselves! 🙂 J would lick all the cheese off and then we found Cora eating the cracker…oy vey!

Not too impressed with this ride. It was REALLY fast and we thought too fast for the little ones. Oh well! She lived! 🙂 

Mmmmmm… M&M’s! 🙂 

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