The Ol’ Bait and Switch

You know what bait and switch is–you are given a great product for a great price and then when it comes time to deliver, oops! We can’t actually do that! SUCKER!!!!! Well, that’s exactly what has happened to us! David has bad wanted an iPhone since they came out, so I finally relented (actually, I really didn’t care) and he got one. Since the only place you can buy one is at AT&T we figured we’d also get our internet through them. Enter “bait.” We were told we could get a certain speed of internet, that’s what we bought and for a month now we have waited for this to actually happen–enter “switch.” We were FINALLY told this past Sunday that, “sorry, we actually can’t deliver what we promised.” So, that afternoon David set us up withe Roadrunner (Time Warner) and Monday cancelled our stuff with AT&T–minus the iPhone! 🙂 I’m tellin’ ya folks! This just shouldn’t happen, and I really have no remorse sharing the company’s name on my blog!


2 thoughts on “The Ol’ Bait and Switch

  1. Yes, I am very thankful that I resisted the iphone. Tell him to get a droid…it is just as cool, and all the google apps rock. Also, on behalf of Krista, I learned that AT&T donates a bunch of money to Komen, and I'm sure you've heard that story. Take care and hope you get speedy service soon!

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