I can’t seem to come up with creative blog titles these days.

We had our annual Christmas Open House on Saturday night. It was a great success but only due to the help of others! I have been feeling so terrible and me and the kitchen just aren’t getting along so my mom, sister and a few of the ladies from church baked up lots of goodies for the open house. I felt so blessed by their generosity and help! I told many that if it had been up to me they would’ve had pretzels! 🙂 We had MANY people come. Not sure of the exact count, at least 50, probably closer to 70. We went through 3 1/2 bowls of punch, 2 pots of coffee and a carafe of hot water for tea! 🙂 Though tons of treats were eaten we had a lot left over because that’s HOW MANY cookies and other things we had! 🙂 It seems a good time was had by all. There was much laughter, lots of good conversation and just a real spirit of love and Christmas. David, Cora and I had so much fun and were so happy to see everyone else did too! I can’t wait for next year! 🙂

After we cleaned up and got Cora to sleep (which was a challenge) we were called to pray for my sister’s FIL. He had been at a concert with his wife, had fallen asleep and couldn’t be awakened. He was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and is currently in ICU, intubated and not doing well. However, he is doing better than last night, so that’s good. Best they can tell it was a bad reaction to medication he had taken earlier in the day. If you think of it, please for T, and his wife, S and my BIL Jamie, especially. Jamie is an only child so it’s hard to carry this alone. I’m so thankful he has my sister there by his side. We are thankful it seems T will come out of this and the doctors are hopeful he’ll recover. Nonetheless we are reminded at just how precious and fragile life is.

It would seem I am definitely pulling through worst of my sickness! After our open house I was not at all hopeful that I would be going to church the next day. However, I did go and I didn’t feel like death and I was even able to eat a large lunch! Cora and I both took long naps Sunday afternoon and that really helped. I have made it through 2 days of taking only 1 nausea pill, so that has to be good! 🙂 I’m still taking each day as it comes, but I am so thankful that it seems the worse is over.


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  1. May your health continue to get better!! Two weeks left in this trimester, right?? 😉 We just started baking cookies…but I have 4 sticks of butter that have been out for the past three days waiting to be turned into cookie dough. We'll see if they make it to the cookie stage! Hang in there.Love,Steph

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