Christmas Part III

So, thus concludes our Christmas celebrating with this last entry! I must say I’m exhausted and ready to get back to the hum drum of our days and back to eating normal, not having all the cookies and other junk around. BUT! I digress! Our last celebration was in Columbus with David’s mom and step dad. We went down over New Year weekend and had a good time. We opened presents, went shopping to spend our gift cards and money, went out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and had a good time just visiting. David and I also had the opportunity to bring in the new year with the small group we were a part of while in Columbus. It was good to see “old” friends and get caught up with everyone. In all truth it was like we had never left! We’re back home and now the “fun” begins to de-Christmas the house and get things back in order. See? I must be feeling better if I want to clean again! 🙂

New socks from her great Aunt J! 🙂 

New laptop from Grandma and Pops! 

Molly getting in to her gift

As you can see, the laptop was a huge hit! 🙂 And, still is! 

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