16 + Weeks

Above is a photo of my friend, B, and myself a week ago at my birthday party. I think B is about 29 weeks pregnant (she’s in the homestretch!) and I’m 16 weeks. I was so excited to have this photo taken. You see, I got married a lot later then most of my friends, and so they’ve all pretty much had their kids now, and I’ve not had the fun of taking any preggo photos with any of them. I know, kinda silly, but fun nonetheless! 🙂 This photo is special for other reasons too. B and I have been good friends for many years–since high school! We both played the flute in band and became fast friends. I honestly don’t remember our “becoming of friends” moment (sorry B!) I just don’t remember ever NOT being friends with her! We’ve been through a lot with each other, had MANY laughs, got each other through boyfriends and crushes and our own weddings. She is one of those friends that no matter how long the span of time has been since we last talked, we just pick right back up. I was so excited to know we’d be able to get this photo together! Our 2nd babies (her first is 4 and my 1st is 21 months) will be close in age and I hope all of our kids can grow up knowing each other and being friends!

Love ya, B! 

3 thoughts on “16 + Weeks

  1. Aww Jeni–I feel the same way & I am excited to know our kids will be so close in age & I pray that they will become good friends. I don't remember when we first met either–so don't feel bad. I am so glad that we've remained friends all these years & I truly cherish our friendship!! I love you!

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