Flesh Eating Bubbles

The other night I thought it would be fun for Cora to take a bubble bath. She has done this before with her Mimi and loved it. So I thought, why rush bath time tonight? Let’s have some fun! So, I start filling the tub, dump some bubble-making stuff in the water and call Cora in. She looks at the water, unsure, and I put her in. Suddenly, she gets bubbles on her foot! She immediately picks up her foot, looks at me and shrieks!!!!! I thought maybe the water was too hot and then realized she did not like the bubbles. Sigh… I tried to calm her down and let her see how they would be fun, and how they’re soft, etc. but there was no changing her mind. And, then, to make matters worse, she gets bubbles on her HANDS!!!! She is then balancing herself solely on her rear with her arms and legs going up in the air. I knew bath time was not going to happen until the offending bubbles were gone, so I began to empty the tub. She was very sure to point out any lingering bubbles and was not happy until EVERY SINGLE bubble was gone and fresh, clean, NON-bubble water was filling the tub. Sigh… I love this child.


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