Linking Verbs and Prepositions

Cora is talking like CRAZY!!!! It seems everyday her vocabulary is being added to and she is connecting things/concepts daily as well. Case in point: Sunday she threw a royal fit because she saw me getting a snack ready for her to eat during church. I told her it was for church and she could have it when we got to church. Thus ensued ANOTHER royal fit with her telling us, “bye bye!” over and over again. We finally figured out that she wanted us to leave for church so she could have her snack. She is so stinkin’ smart!!! She is also trying so hard to get her point across. Though she lacks the usage of linking verbs and propositions in her sentences she is successful in telling us what she wants. Sometimes it takes us a bit to “get it” but we do. We’re all learning how to communicate with each other! We have noticed in the last week, really, her wanting and trying to communicate concepts and have actual conversations–you know, as much as a 22 month old can have! Again, she is so stinkin’ smart! I have been telling David almost daily now, that I just don’t know if I’m smart enough to keep up with her! She’s so observant and we have long since realized that if she says something is there (bird, dog, balloon, etc) then she is right! She has eagle eyes and ears that anyone should be envious! 🙂 No hearing aid for this one! Monday I asked David to bring the laundry down for me so I could get going on that. Cora proceeds to say something (we couldn’t figure out what) and so we finally asked her to show us. She confidently went to the basement door and said the word again. She was telling us that the laundry is done in the basement. Good gracious! I sure hope we can keep up with her!


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