It’s a…

…BOY!!!!! That’s right, we’ll be having a boy join our family come end of June/early July! We are so excited!!!! To be honest we weren’t all that surprised. For some reason David and I have BOTH thought this baby was a boy. On Tues. we had the “big” ultra sound done and our suspicions were confirmed! We will not be sharing our name until he is born. But, WE think we have a good, solid name picked out for this boy. In all truth I’m relieved we’re having a boy as we just couldn’t think of a girl’s name. Phew! Dodged that bullet! 🙂

So, how is pregnancy going thus far? Well…it’s going! 🙂 I’ll be 1/2 way on Tuesday and can’t help but think how quickly the time has gone. Sure, when I was so sick and in my “weeks of death” (as I fondly call them), I thought time couldn’t go any slower, but to be 1/2 way there, wow!!! David and I keep saying we can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is going and well, we get a little panicked at the thought! Are we ready for 2? Are we ready for a boy? I know nothing about boys, how to raise them, or anything! I mean, I HATE bugs, lizards, snakes and spiders! How can I have a boy???? I guess I’ll just figure it out as we go along. David assures me boys are so much easier–we’ll see.

I am now eating anything and everything, for the most part. Garlic still tends to turn me off, as do bread crusts, though not as badly as during the 1st trimester. I have been eating a lot of cereal (Froot Loops and Corn Pops are the current favs) and loving iced tea! During my pregnancy with Cora I couldn’t get enough McDonald’s during the 2nd trimester. Thankfully, I have not had any fast food cravings this time and in fact quite the opposite! Do you hear my arteries rejoicing? 🙂

My sciatic nerve pain seems to be returning. 😦 NOT happy about this, but what can you do? As I was told by the midwife the only cure is delivery and well, that’s not for a while yet. However, having already gone through it with Cora I know what to expect and know ways to help it. So far it’s not as bad as it was with Cora. I think the main reason being I’m not sitting at a desk for 8 hrs every day and am more active. I’m also trying not to hold Cora on my right side, or sleep much on that side and if possible just put as little pressure as possible on my right hip. The heating pad is working and helping lots and I’ve started taking Tylenol before bed to also help. I continue to pray it won’t get as bad as it did with Cora, and I’m hopeful it won’t! Only time will tell.

Many have asked if Cora is excited to have a brother. Truth be told, I think she has NO CLUE whatsoever about what we’re talking about! She’s only 22 months and well, she just doesn’t get it. She understands what babies are (her dolls and cousin Hadassah), but beyond this to comprehend that we’ll have a real live baby in this house and it’ll be a boy, no, I don’t think she gets it! 🙂 It’ll be fun to watch as she learns what it is to be a big sister and teach her how to be gentle, loving and kind with her baby brother (remind me of this when I’m pulling my hair out!!!).

Well, that’s the pregnancy thus far, at least the bits I care to share without giving you the dreaded TMI! 🙂

4 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. We're so excited to have another little boy in the family! I don't know that boys are any easier, just different. Fun though! Praying for that 'ol nerve of yours.

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