Valentine’s Day Cookies for Daddy

Every year (I think) since we’ve been married, I have made David heart-shaped sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day. There are a few reasons. I started mainly because we didn’t have a lot of money our 1st year of marriage and this was something I knew he would love that didn’t cost a lot. Plus, he LOVES cookies, especially of the sugar variety! 🙂 And, we’re just not too into buying into the commercialism of Valentine’s Day and spending MORE for something that last week was less (i.e. flowers, candy, dinner out). I have been excited to one day have our kids help me with this little gift and this year Cora got to help! It was a two-day process getting the dough done the 1st day and then the rolling, cutting, icing the next. She had a BLAST and I did too! 🙂 And, well, David has enjoyed eating the cookies of our (love) labor! 🙂 I had to chuckle at my little girl (for she’s no longer a baby!) as her personality shines through when we do stuff like this. Her DISLIKE of being dirty, especially her hands. She absolutely REFUSED to try the cookie dough. I tried and tried but NO WAY was it going to happen! She also freaked out if any of the dough go on her hands–she D.E.T.E.S.T.S. having her hands dirty! I love this child and can’t wait to see if this is something that lasts or goes away over the years. Anyway, feast your eyes on the cuteness that was our cookie-making adventure!

Can’t you see the pure GLEE in her eyes???

VERY carefully cutting out without getting her fingers near the dough!

She LOVED using the rolling pin! 🙂 

Sprinkles EVERYWHERE!!!!

Mmmm! Frosting!

Nom, nom, nom!

So, I didn’t have enough powdered sugar and found this can of electric blue in the cupboard. Not ideal for Valentine’s Day, but oh well! 🙂 Don’t you love all the sprinkles? 🙂

David LOVES redhots with his sugar cookies! It’s a good thing due to not having enough frosting anyway!

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Hardin’s!

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