23 Weeks–118 Days to go!

But, who’s counting, right? 🙂 I AM!!!!!! I can’t believe I’m 23 weeks today, and I have 118 days to go–‘course, could be less, I suppose! David and I have commented MANY times how this pregnancy has gone much faster then when I was pregnant with Cora. Could be life is just better right now and we’re not wasting energy on the dysfunction of other people and are just able to enjoy this time. I have to say, however, that I do not enjoy pregnancy. I felt guilty thinking that with Cora because it had taken us a couple years to conceive her and so I thought I ought to just be thankful. And now, it was apparently easy enough for us to conceive this little guy, and again I feel guilty for not loving, not even liking, being pregnant. David assures me it’s OK. I mean, I’m growing a human (which, let’s face it, is really, really cool!), my body is doing weird things, I don’t feel good, my emotions are totally whack, I hurt, I ache, I… I’m such a complainer! But, I have discovered that me and pregnancy just don’t get along. I will NEVER understand the woman who just loves to be pregnant. I do not. I do NOT feel at the peak of health during pregnancy (quite the opposite), and I do not feel all glow-y and radiant. Oh well! The end result IS worth it, and I do love this little guy so much already, and I suppose that’s what’s important.

Baby Sprout is 23 weeks today! I had my midwife appointment today and she mentioned how amazing it is that babies born at this stage (God forbid!!!!) can survive outside the womb. It’s crazy to imagine how far technology has come to think if he were born at any point now he would have an excellent chance for survival. (And, lest you wonder, no matter how much I hate being pregnant I would NOT want my child born before full term) This little guy should be just over a pound now, and about 11 inches long. He can hear noises outside the womb at this point, and I’m told should not be startled by the barking of the dog or the noise of the vacuum when born! 🙂 It’s amazing to think just how much development goes into these wee things.

How am I? Well, my sciatica is not nearly as bad as it was with Cora, for this I am PRAISING THE LORD!!!!! I have been super conscious to make sure I don’t just sit around and get stiff, and I have my pillows all around me at night to make sure I don’t roll onto my right side. There are days when my hip is more tender than not, but it’s usually due to having done too much or not enough activity. I continue to pray it stays this way and doesn’t get any worse. I’m also gaining weight, which is a good thing. 🙂 Though, so far I’ve only gained 5 pounds thanks to the horrid 1st trimester. I’ve been dealing with a lot more dizziness this time around, but my BP is perfect, etc so I guess it’s just pregnancy stuff.

Interestingly enough, you’ll remember with Cora I had to have iron infusions for a month at the end of her pregnancy. It was not a fun time, mostly because before they put the iron in me I was injected with large doses of steroids to, as I was told, make sure I didn’t have a deadly reaction to the iron… lovely. Well, I was discussing all this with my midwife today (at my next appointment they’ll be doing full panel blood work on my iron and thyroid) she mentioned she had heard iron infusions weren’t any fun. I said the worse part was the steroids I had to have beforehand and the after affects of that (not only was I a jittery mess, so was Cora until they got out of my/our systems). She gave me the strangest look and said, “Oh, we don’t do steroids anymore. They’re not necessary.” Hmmm… and yet another thing we learn about my care in Hillsdale and how backwards it was. We left, again, praising the Lord for his preservation over myself and Cora during those 4 weeks of iron infusions. Have I mentioned that EVERY SINGLE midwife visit has revealed more and more of this stuff to us? And, it’s not like Cora is 15 so you can understand that a decade has passed. No, it was TWO years ago!!!!!!

Anyway, things are fine with the baby and I’m taking one day at a time and hoping for the best! 🙂 Below is a photo from when I was 21 weeks, but it’s the most recent one I have! 🙂 Just imagine me slightly bigger. 🙂


2 thoughts on “23 Weeks–118 Days to go!

  1. per David's comment, "Ready or not, here I come!" (in you know, 118 days or so) 🙂 That's your son speaking by the way, not me. ha! For me, it's the newborn stage. Yes, I love the itty bitty cuddles and reveling in the fact that the sweet babe is here and in my arms, but that's about it. I'm always SO thankful to be past that point and to get to the 6 month stage and up! It's hard to admit you don't love, or even like, a certain part of being a mother, but, I imagine most mothers have their time that they don't love! I have friends who don't like breastfeeding, but they do it as a labor of love. Really, every Mom has their "something," so, listen to your husband and don't beat yourself up!

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