A better week?

Boy do I hope this week is better!!!! Last week I had several things planned to do, like do some cleaning that has been pushed to the side, grocery shopping, some baking, etc. But, that’s not what was on the itinerary. Cora started running a fever on Tues. last week. It was low and then within an hours’ time shot up from 100 to 104. She has not had such a high fever ever in her almost 2 years of life so I wasn’t sure what to do. We stuck her in the tub, she started shivering, gave her Tylenol and called the doctor. We were told to give her Tylenol and Motrin alternately and if it kept spiking, or got worse, to bring her in. Her fever never went below 102 in 3 days so Thursday I, along with the help of my mom, took her to the doctor. The doctor felt she had the flu. Her fever finally broke at some point on Friday, though Saturday morning she woke up very distraught and coughing. I took her back to the doctor, with the help of my MIL this time, and the doctor said it was just residual from the flu. Her lungs, ears, throat, etc were all clear.

While this was all going on I was experiencing a lot of dizziness, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts. I had blood taken at the hospital for my thyroid and iron and made an appt to see my own doctor to have my sinuses checked. Went to the doctor on TH (before Cora’s appt) and low and behold I had a sinus infection and double ear infection. Sigh…sick baby and sick momma do not make for good times in the household. I was put on antibiotics and told to take 1/2 the children’s dose of Claritin (I react very strongly to all cold/sinus/allergy meds) to try to help dry me up. I did. TH was fine but Friday I got horribly dizzy, my sense of touch and sight got VERY heightened, and I knew all was not well. I also knew it had to be the Claritin as this is what always happens. David called my mom to come help because Cora wouldn’t let him near her, and I really needed to not have her climbing on me. Mom came, Dad came, I went up to sleep (around 5:30 p.m.) and tried to calm down so I could function. I got up long enough to put Cora to bed and went back to bed.

During all of this, it was just as hard a week for David. We had 3 church members die last week and David did 2 funerals. So, that meant extra preparation beyond his sermon and usual duties plus taking care of his wife and daughter. He braved the 1/2 foot of snow with more coming down on Friday to go grocery shopping so we could have food to eat. He worked tirelessly and without complaining and just did what needed to be done. All the while his wife kept promising a peach cobbler to grace the table.


2 thoughts on “A better week?

  1. Well, I sure pray this week is better! Those kinds of weeks are just the pits. But, I'm so glad for helpful Mommy's to be there when we need it! Love you! – and are you and Cora totally well yet??

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