Look Who’s TWO!!!!

Dear Cora Ann,

How is it possible you are two years old????? I get teary-eyed just writing that little sentence. Wasn’t it just today that you were born?  Your entrance into this world was not easy, and there was a lot of uncertainty to it, but man the relief when you WERE here and now, it’s just a memory. You have had quite the year this year. It’s been a busy year with lots of change. You gained a new grandpa–on your 1st birthday no less–and a new cousin the day after your 1st birthday. You moved to a new town to live with your Grandma and Pops for a few months, making some new friends in this new town. You learned to like grass, enjoy splashing in your pool, became an expert walker and runner, got your first injuries, and really started learning where your boundaries were. You moved to another new town in that year (where we live now), and you got to explore even more of your world and make even more friends! You experienced another winter, only this time you realized you don’t like snow (maybe next year we’ll be out in it more…), you have cut all but one of your teeth, your vocabulary grows daily (I don’t even know if I can list/remember all of the words you say!), you can count to two–and do so very enthusiastically–you have learned the “joys” of television and videos, with “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,” “Kipper,” and “Curious George” being your favorites. We are on the brink of potty training and you LOVE to be outside! I can’t wait for the weather to be consistently warm enough so we can just go play outside! Perhaps the biggest change to come for you is the arrival of your new baby brother, who will join us late June/early July! I can’t wait to see you two interact and to see what a great big sister you will be. You already love to play and take care of your “babies,” and I know you’ll do a great job taking care of your brother.

My dear daughter, my first born, I love you so much. I look at you in wonderment on a daily basis and marvel at your beauty. You are gorgeous, and I just know this will give your Daddy fits as the years go on! Our prayer for you is that you will grow to not only be beautiful on the outside but be even more beautiful on the inside. Your Daddy and I pray you will learn to love the Lord at an early age and desire nothing more than to live for him. We already see a tender heart in you and hope this cultivates into a yearning to follow Christ.

I’m so excited to see what this next year holds for you! I’m sure it’ll be full of adventure! Below is a look of your 2nd year. You definitely moved from a baby to a little girl this year! I love you Cora! Happy Birthday my dearest little girl!!

I don’t think you like swings even now…something to work on THIS summer! 🙂 

Your first chocolate chip cookie…I’d say you enjoyed it!

Loving Grandma’s Tupperware cupboard

The long, slow process for you to love the grass…

Running with your cousins one summer day

Loving your pool!

Fun with new friends at COSI

Having fun in a fountain

Fun at Pop’s and Grandma’s

Your first broken bone. 😦

Mustering a smile while all bundled up

No longer a baby…you are most definitely a little girl!

Happy 2nd Birthday Cora!


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