Party Weekend Part 2: Dog Party

On Sunday we celebrated Cora’s birthday–which was, incidentally, on Sunday! We had a dog party because Cora LOVES dogs and so we felt it was the only way to go! 🙂 I bought cheap dog bowls at Odd Lots and put each child’s name on the bowl for them to eat their cake and ice cream in. These also served as the party favor and I guess have been a huge hit in each of the homes! 🙂 We decorated with all things dogs, had a dog cake, “buns” cut into dog bone shapes for the kids hamburgers (we attempted to make their hamburgers bone shaped as well, but that didn’t work), played pin the bone to the bowl and opened gifts. It was mostly family celebrating with us and we had a good time! 🙂 I asked Cora at the end of the evening if she’d had a good birthday and she said, “Momma, happy!” 🙂 That just melted my heart!!!!! She is also very cute when she tells us now that she’s “teeewoooo.” A good day was had by all. Tomorrow I’ll show you how I made the cake.


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