Yep, that’s me and my sister–CRAZY! I received an ad in the mail for JC Penney and it was only good Wednesday and Thursday of this week. It was good for any and all clothes, housewares, etc and so my sister and I decided that since all 4 of our children (her 3, my 1) needed spring/summer clothes this would be a good time to buy them. So, yesterday Cora and I drove down to their town, loaded 3 more car seats into our van (after which my sister says, “One of these days we’ll just be able to get in and go.” To which I replied, “When will that be????”) and headed to a town near them which is bigger and has a mall with a JC Penney. We put Cora (2 y.o.) and Riley (2 1/2 y.o.) into strollers, my sister wore Haddie (1 y.o.) in a baby sling and Sophia (6 y.o.) got to walk on her own! The 2 in strollers were NOT impressed, and I’m sure we’re glad we didn’t know what they were saying to each other as we navigated the clothing racks. We opted to get the little kids’ clothes first because Sophia now needs to try things on, and we figured it would be faster to have the 3 younger ones done. That went pretty smoothly. I had to chuckle at Sophia as she kept trying to sneak things that Cora, Riley and Haddie apparently “liked.” It’s hard to explain to a 6 y.o. that we’re there to buy practical things and only things we need and not want. I watched the stroller kids while my sister and Sophia navigated clothes for her (most of which were not created or should not have been created for little girls…just saying!!!! I did not envy my sister’s job.). We paid, saved lots of money and headed to the middle of the mall to the kids play area to let them run off energy and refuel with lunch. The kids were quite good we just had no energy–Ruthie due to recovering from some severe strep throat and I because, well, I’m pregnant. So, we sat and ate our lunch and kept an eye on the kids as they ran back and forth to the table for bites of lunch and the play area.

We piled back in the van and promptly agreed that the next season of clothes-buying would be done sans enfants (without children) and we’ll just go ourselves! 🙂 And, maybe we’ll try to do it with neither of us being sick or pregnant.

Just call us crazy, because we were!


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