Just Some Words

Since my post yesterday was hard to write, probably hard for you to read and just all around heavy I thought today I would simply add some words about the Hardins, the happenings around here and nothing in particular!

Cora has become a little girl overnight. David and I marvel at just how NOT like a baby she is. I swear she turned 2 on March 27 and March 28 she woke up a little girl. So crazy!!!!! Her vocabulary literally grows daily. At her 2 year check up last week the dr. asked if she had at least 10 different words, and we just started laughing. I said, “Honestly, I can’t tell you how many words she has. The number grows daily.” And, it does. She has really started to imagine and play well by herself. She got some new toys for her birthday, which I think have helped in that department. She LOVES to make us “tea” with her new tea set and we drink LOTS of “tea” during the day! I can’t wait for the weather to be consistently warm and nice so we can be outside more–which she loves! She has enjoyed her new T-ball set and big wheels the few times we’ve been able to get out. Next thing to work on? Potty training…

We have been keeping ubber busy in this house. If we’re not traveling to see family, it seems family is coming to see us. Or, if it’s not family-related it’s church, or just us being busy. I haven’t minded too terribly because that means life (read: pregnancy) is moving faster, and I can tick the days off the calendar quicker! 🙂 It also means we haven’t taken too much time to get ready for this little babe. With the help of my sister and some friends I have been able to get the clothes organized and have pulled out every and all items that can be used for a boy–not too much there. Our church is throwing us a shower in May so I’m sure we’ll get more stuff then, and I have a friend who is sending me some of her excess boy clothes! I have no doubt this baby boy will be well-outfitted! 🙂 Once we get his crib we’ll be putting it, a dresser and the changing table upstairs in our room. Our room is actually 2 rooms and the smaller room we’ve been using as our office area. Eventually, the upstairs will be the kids’ room/playroom so getting the baby set up there now will only help later! We just need to get it done…

Another project we have to get done before baby comes (well, I have a whole list, but this is at the top!) is getting the rest of our yard fenced in. This will keep the dog in without her having to be chained up and it will help me be able to keep an eye on Cora when we’re outside! We’re hoping to get this done by the end of April with the help of family and friends!

Other than all of this, we’re just pluggin’ along, enjoying life and excited to meet Baby Sprout! My baby counter says we have 80ish days left. I know that might seem like a lot, but it seems just yesterday I had over 200 to go! 🙂


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