Like a Bug

OK, so I’ve entered the home stretch, the last leg, the downhill roll, A.K.A. the THIRD TRIMESTER!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Can you feel the excitement????? This trimester is so interesting to me. You get increasingly uncomfortable as your belly grows at ridiculous rates and sizes. You get to a point of wondering if the baby is literally going to just pop out of your belly button. Incidentally, with Cora my belly button never did pop out, just disappeared entirely–we’ll see what happens this time! 🙂 I truly believe God makes a woman get so uncomfortable so all she wants is for the baby to get OUT! I mean, you’re peeing more, can’t eat 2 bites before you feel like you’ve eaten an entire Thanksgiving dinner, breathing is harder thanks to the squished lungs, and sleeping is becoming more of a challenge. Really, everything is a challenge. One of these days I oughta take video of myself getting in and out of bed just to see how hilarious it really does look! 🙂 Case and point: Last night David got in bed first so I decided to lean over and give him a kiss before I flopped around to get myself comfortable. We talked for a little bit and all of a sudden I realized I was stuck! I mean, I couldn’t figure out how to move my body to get it out of it’s current position to get to where I could sleep. We both started laughing, which as you know only makes it worse, and David asks how he can help? I told him he could stop laughing! 🙂 I turned and looked at David and said, “Well, I think I’ve finally entered the ‘bug stuck on its back’ stage.” And true enough, there I laid, like a bug stuck on her back wriggling about just trying to flip back over! 🙂 

Ah…I’m so glad the 3rd trimester is finally here! 🙂 And, if you see a bug stuck on its back, do it a favor and help it flip over. 🙂 


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