For Better of For Worse

Right now I think we are going through a “for worse” time in our marriage. David and I are not having marital issues, but what I mean is I am not in the best place emotionally/mentally and David is sticking by me during this “worse of times.” When you take your marriage vows you just don’t know what you’ll be tested by them. I mean they’re just words, right? You just get through them so you can hear the preacher say “man and wife” and then you go on having done your duty in church. I can say with certainty that these were not just words to David or me. We meant them. We meant every word of them. We knew that times would be hard, that finances would be tight at times, that there could be really bad sickness. We knew all these things. But, the true test is when these things come and how do you react?

When the revelation and working-through of my abuse and what all that means I have been so thankful for my husband, for my David. He has shown me time and time again how much he loves me. He has shown me that he is not just here physically, but here for me in any way I need him. It’s not easy to have a spouse, a team member not be everything she should be. But, he’s not judging. He’s not condescending to me. He’s just loving me. He’s just helping me in whatever ways I need him to.

I love this man and can’t find the words to describe how thankful I am for him. I’m just thankful he took his vows as seriously as I did. I’m so thankful he loves me and because he loves me he’s here helping me through this dark time.


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