Worshipping Differently

Sunday was an interesting Sunday for several 100 people. There are several churches here in our town who are going through the “Experiencing God” series during Lent. It’s been so neat for David to participate in this with the other pastors and it’s been encouraging to me to know there are several others learning the same things I’m learning during this time of the Christian calendar. In any case, the pastor’s decided it would be fun to do a pulpit exchange one Sunday–that was this past Sunday. We got lucky enough to switch with the pastor who pastors at the church literally a few hundred yards from our house! 🙂 It’s an African-American church, which made it doubly exciting for us! David and I were greatly looking forward to our time of worship at this church. The way African-Americans worship speaks to my soul. Could be because the music, charisma, length of service, etc is more what I grew up with in Africa and so it touches a part of me that gets forgotten in our very “white” services! I was not disappointed by the service! Though I wasn’t able to experience it as I had wanted to (due to needing to be in the nursery with Cora, as all she wanted to do was be up on stage with her daddy!!) I was able to hear and see on the TV in the nursery what was going on. God blessed the service and spoke through David, and I know hearts were touched.

Our time on Sunday has lead me to think about some stuff. What kind of worshipper are you? Are you the person who sits in the pew with her arms crossed making sure things go as they always do? Or, are you the person that loves it when there are different things happening during the service, to mix things up a bit? Have you never been in another church, because surely only your church does it the best way? Or, do you make it a point to experience a different worship service every now and again? And, no, I’m not talking about switching religions, but rather simply experiencing a different church. Just going to a different church (even if same denomination) can open you up to different ways of worshipping.

Please don’t be “that” person in the pew who is against any and all things different. Don’t be that old lady who gets all flustered if things don’t go your way. Don’t be that young person who is opposed to doing things traditionally. I mean, what do we think heaven is going to be like? Just so you know, I have a feeling we have NO IDEA what worship really is. I have a feeling we’ll ALL be in for a rude awakening when we get to heaven and see what worship really is.

I want to challenge you to step outside of your box (even if taking a baby step means sitting on the other side of the sanctuary for now) and go be a visitor in a different church for a Sunday and see what you can learn. You might just find that the way you’ve been doing it all your life is somewhat boring, or could be improved upon! 🙂 🙂 🙂 And, no, I’m not crazy! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Worshipping Differently

  1. You can't make me sit on the other side of the church! I'm more comfortable going to a different church (and STILL sitting to the left) and having a completely different experience than sitting on the right side!

  2. i liked this! i think it's so valuable to see how others experience and practice worship on Sundays. i always think, if I'm feeling too comfortable in any aspect in life, its' time to experience something new!!!

  3. Oh, this post is so , so good! I believe that worship has been vastly under-appreciated in our churches for a long time. It is not just song-time to get everyone warmed up for the message. Good stuff happens in the worship times as we shift our gaze from garbage to God.I'm a mover in worship and cannot imagine staying in my seat while singing to God and picturing His throne.Thanx for a great post.

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