Blog Ads–Disclaimer!

You may have noticed I have ads on my blog now. I’ll get a small amount of money every time the ad is clicked on. The ads are supposed to correlate with my blog content, etc. However, I have noticed I’m getting a lot of Mormon ads! I just want you to know (if you’re new to my blog) that I am NOT a Mormon, and I can’t figure out how to get those ads off of my blog. So…if they don’t start going away I may just forget the whole ad thing because I can’t in good conscience advertise something I have no agreement with! Just wanted you to know!


2 thoughts on “Blog Ads–Disclaimer!

  1. That is why I'm foregoing Google and only associating with Son Gear and for now! Where I'm trying to build a ministry site, I don't want to risk objectionable content that I have no control over! I would love to try Google, but I've heard some scary stories! How often does that happen?

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