Holy Week

This week is Holy Week. It’s the week between Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and his crucifixion. Tomorrow will be Good Friday (the day Christians observe the crucifixion) and Sunday will be Easter, the day we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. I have not wanted to breeze through this week just marking days off the calendar and getting from 1 activity to the next. I have wanted to spend time thinking, contemplating, meditating on what this week is about. What must it have been for Jesus? How must it have been for him being treated like a king one day and a short week later being nailed to a cross like a common criminal? And the whole amazing thing about it is that he knew this was all going to happen and he still did it. “What love the Father has for us. A love beyond all measure…”

As a pastor’s family it’s hard sometimes to remember that this is indeed a very holy time and not just a time to get through services so we can go home and be a family again. And yet, it’s also somewhat easier to be constantly thinking about it. As my husband prepares for the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services I pray for him. I pray for him to hear the words the Lord wants him to share. Easter is a very big Sunday where people who don’t usually attend church come. It is the pivotal celebration in Christian faith. For without the Resurrection we would have no reason to follow Christ.

I love Easter. I love it more than Christmas. I love it because it’s simpler. I love it because of what it means. I love it because I know my Savior loves me so much that he chose to die a horrendous death for me. I love it because he didn’t stay dead but rose again so that I (and you!) might have eternal life. I love that I get together with my family, who also share in the knowledge of this saving grace, and I love that we’ll be together in heaven one day. I love that we don’t have to rush around like rats in a maze buying this, that and the other just to make sure it’s a great holiday. I love Easter. It’s not nearly as commercialized as Christmas and so to me, has kept a lot of its sanctity.

I hope as this week is winding down you have been able to take a moment, or several moments, to think about what this Holy Week means. What does it mean to you? If you do not know Jesus as your Savior and don’t know where you’ll spend eternity might I encourage you to either let me know or find that person you know beyond doubt is a Christian and talk to him/her? My prayer for you is that you don’t go another Easter without knowing the saving grace Christ has for you and truly know what Easter is all about. If you do know Christ as your Savior make sure to take time and think about what this week was for Him. What it means for you.


2 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. I have spent more time reading, studying, and trying to understand this week than I ever have in my life. Having a renewed faith, I feel it's very important for me to understand the gravity of this week.Bless you and your family as the week comes to an end and Christians everywhere celebrate the true meaning of Easter!

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